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The Dow theory means that in a bullish market we have

The ones responsible for ensuring enough liquidity in the financial market are called :

This Chart Pattern is :

Choose one those chart pattern that doesn't give a reversal signal :

This chart pattern is :


An OTC market ' Over The Counter ' is a market where the participants trade financial instruments directly between two parties and without a central exchange, choose one of those markets which is not considered as an OTC:

RSI is a technical indicator used by multiple traders, the RSI is the abbreviation of :

The Rsi is concidered overbought when he is beyond the level of :

A trader that open and close a position in less than 1 minute is called :

If the stocks opens between the high and the low of yesterday's candle, The low of this Candle is considered as :

A level from where the price changed aggressively it's direction is called :

The London Stock Exchange opens at :

What is the sign used to define the sellers in any financial market :

Choose the number that doesn't belong to the Fibonacci series :

SSR, Or Short selling restriction is a rule made by the stocks financial authorities to prevent an extreme fall of the stock due to speculative short selling trades abuse , the rule is applied when the share's price , from the open of the day is bellow :

From a retail trader perspective, when a bearish triangle is broken down in a bearish trend, it's a :

In this picture, the high of this big gap in the chart , is considered as :

A Marubozu is a candle with :

The engulfing pattern is a sign of

After taking a long position ' Buy Position ' in the market , the stop loss is actually a :

From a retail trader perspective, this signal in the shart is called :

If you have less than 25K$ in your trading account, the PDT rule is applied, What is the PDT rule ?

A margin trading account is an account that have :

What we can't do as traders in the Casablanca Stock Exchange ?

EMA is a well known technical indicator used by multiple day traders, it's the abbreviation of :

CFD is the abbreviation of :

This candle is :

In a rang market is a market where the price :

The spread is the difference between :

The market capitalization of a company is :